[Must-Have] SEO Plugins For WordPress

If you also want to Do SEO Of your website and your web page, that too with the help of WordPress plugins. Today we have to present before you the Best Seo Plugins For WordPress that you can use, you can boost the ranking of your website and your web page. So let’s see which plugins are those.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular plugin when we talk about plugins to seo your website or a web page. So what does Yoast Seo Plugin do? Yoast helps your on-page seo. And whenever you write an article, the Yoast keeps guiding you how wrong there is in that article. Or is it worth reading or not. And if your article is not seo friendly then Yoast shows you a red symbol. And when your article is perfect and seo friendly then Yoast shows you the green symbol. And shows your score.

Yoast on page seo helps you to make your title length perfect and your description’s length perfect. And along with it, you keep showing a preview with the help of which you get to know how your title and description are going to appear in the results of the search engines. And along with all these works, Yoast helps you in your sitemap and other on-page and sites seo. I personally use Yoast seo. And this is my favorite plugin in the case of seo.

Rank Math

It is also a very popular all-in-one seo plugin that helps in the on-page so of Your website, with the help of which you can easily sleep on the page of your website. And you can also sleep site wise to an extent. And it shows the title and description of your content as a google SERP preview so that you know how your article is going to look after it is ready.

And it also helps in your rich snippet. And within many plugins, you cannot use the add no follow the tag and you would not have given the feature of that thing, in this, you also get its feature. And inside it, you can also generate a sitemap of your website and generate it.

And you can also fix your blank attribute or monitor 404 as well. And it also helps in making settings like your site architecture and robot.txt. According to me, one of the best seo plugins is to fulfill all your seo needs.

A3 Lazy Load

If it comes to seo, then a fairly large factor emerges. So what this plugin does is the amount of media on your page, the size of which is much higher if you look at the Normally, because when someone visits your website, at that time all your page’s media is loaded simultaneously,

but this plugin With the help of when someone visits your website or web page and until they scroll down, the images will not load which is the footer or the bottom side. Every image will appear in real-time only. This is a very good thing and it gives a boost to the speed of our website.

W3 Total Cache

This is a very good plugin for the speed of your website. Because speed is a big factor in today’s time. If your website has slowed down, then Google considers it negative. And there is a divergence in your ranking. Also, users will not be able to connect to your website. And will be bounced from your website. To make this thing easier, the developer has designed this plugin.

So that a heavyweight page is loaded in front of the user while loading the heavy page of our website. And it saves the cache of people so that the next time a user comes to your website, it shows them their save cache. Also, it has cdn support and minification of CSS. Also, HTML is all things like and javascript. Some hosting includes an inbuilt cache such as in the hosting of Citragrand, which is a very good thing. But for those who do not, this plugin is very beneficial.

Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippet

This is a very good plugin for websites that require revisions and ratings. Such as food website and restaurant and travel website or any product website. Only users with such a website should use this plugin.

Because if you use the schema on the normal website, then the negative signal goes to Google. If your website is related to this, then you have to see whether your website is relevant for the schema or not.

schema markups make your website and page easy to understand and Google quickly understands what this page is about. And it seems quite attractive too. Just don’t abuse schema markup otherwise you may have to suffer the wrong effect also.

Amp For Wp

If your website is on a topic in which the mobile user is also very interested. Or if you have a mobile audience, then this plugin can be very beneficial for you. Because Google’s update mobile awarding Google gives more importance to mobile-friendly websites.

So that person who uses the internet from mobile, they do not have to face any problem. So you must use Amp in your website. It creates a simple amp page of your website and presents it to the user, which looks mobile friendly.

Sucuri –

If you want to keep your website secure and if you want to hack my website, then my ranking and website will be recovered. So this plugin helps in your recovery. It is not perfect but it is better to have something than not. So if you also fear that your website is hacked. So do use this plugin.

It takes time to recover, but it takes more than 2 months. This is the upper end of the situation.

Easy Table Of Content

If you also want to make your article clean and easy to read and attractive then this plugin is best for you. you can insert a table of your all content base on your heading tags which helps in seo.

And the user also has eased in reading your content. Which keeps your engagement with the user. Also, search engines also schene your content easily.

And if there is a super long article, it also becomes easy to read.

Short Pixel

It is a very good plugin, it comes in both paid and free versions. What this does is comprised of a large image in a small size. And its

You can compress 100 free images from a free account. Within this, you have 3 types of quality military. Lossey, glossy, lawless

You have to choose one of these communities according to your needs. So that the quality of your image remains the same and the size also becomes small, this is one of the best images comprise plugin.

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